LA Girl Antique Gold

Like most polish crazies, I've been checking out a lot of black friday/cyber monday/just because it's shopping season sales to feed my habit, and I came across Ripley from OCC, and Temptalia's amazing swatch thereof.  Before I clicked buy, I remembered something awfully similar in the untried stash:  LA Girl's Antique Gold.

indirect overcast light
Ripley is described as "blackened, antique olive-gold," which I'd slap right on as the description for this one as well.  check out the darkened edges as soon as this gets near any shade.

It's a rich, cool bronze, with a fine foil finish - it dries smooth, but glosses up a lot with top coat, and would probably be killer mattified as well.

And yes indeed, just like Ripley, it gets to a murky swamp green in the right lighting.

Now, you can't actually call anything a dupe if you don't have the two things in hand to compare, but these pics are about identical to the pics of Ripley, so I'm definitely ok with not needing both, especially since LA Girl is about 1/3 the price of OCC.

Rating:  3 out of 5.  Nice formula, nice color.

Where to buy:  Rite Aid and a plethora of online retailers carry LA Girl.



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