Digital Nails Bitch, Plesiosaur

Other than the awesomeness that is Pale Blue Dots, my next pick from Digital's scientists collection was the thermal Bitch, Plesiosaur:

indoor CF lighting
Bitch, Plesiosaur wins for having one of the best polish names ever, and in Raph's words, "is a nod to Marry Anning, and play on words which gives acknowledgement to my reaction of a patriarchal dominated field in her time, and still today." It's a golden nude (warm) to warm brown (cold) shimmer, packed with matte white glitter in a few sizes/shapes.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The cool shade is a rich, opaque chocolate that leans ever so slightly to mahogany - i.e., it's got just a touch of red in the brown.

At all times through the color shift, there's a lovely golden shimmer visible, that sometimes flashes just a little green.  I'm also rather a fan of how well the glitter matches, warm or cool.

indoor, office fluorescents
The shimmers & glitters don't need bright sunlight to shine, either, and when completely warm, it's a nice almost office appropriate nude shade (if your office is cool with a smattering of glitter).

outdoor, direct sunlight for both

The transition on this one is also really nice.  I think that tonal thermals might just be my favorite - no possibility of accidentally ugly in-between shades if everything's essentially just more or less saturated versions along one color.

indoor CF lighting
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Really nice.

Where to buy:  direct from Digital Nails store.



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