Colors by Llarowe Sherwood Forest

As part of the recent Fall 2014 collection, Llarowe released several limited edition one batch & gone colors.  The one I had to have was Sherwood Forest:

indirect sunlight
As far as I could tell, all the LEs seemed to have a hefty dose of the infamous red-to-green shifting sparkle pigment found in Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire, and SF was no exception.  It's a deep forest green jelly packed with this shifting shimmer, which ends up meaning it's got quite a few different personalities.

indirect early morning sunlight
Like some jellies, it's a bit sheer.  I'm wearing 2 coats here, which was fully opaque when the shimmer was fired up, but showed through around the edges at other times - 3 coats would take care of things just fine.

When viewed straight-on, sometimes the green base is completely masked by the shimmer pigment.  At those times, it's a red/brown, dark to the point of vampy (though never completely black), with little if any green to be seen.

bright CF lighting
In softer lighting, the duochromatic nature of this shifty pigment is much clearer, and the greens of both the polish base and the shimmer become more obvious.

indirect sunlight
At extreme angles, it indeed hits that yellowish-emerald flash typical of this magic shimmer.

My fave look for it, as with anything of a color-shifting nature, was when I caught as many colors as possible at one time.  When it works like this, it's very much a fall-in-a-bottle shade.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A lovely staple for my fall fingertip wardrobe, with the usual sort of even edgewear typical of jellies.

Where to buy:  since this one was LE, blog sales & ebay are the way to go.



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