ILNP Sirene, Nfu-Oh 40 & Comparisons

Well, if one ILNP is good, two is great, right?  A friend recently picked up a bottle of Dance Legend's LE Phobos, which is an aqua-to-purple duochrome with flakies that shift similarly.  I wondered if I could recreate that look with what I already had (spoilers:  YES), so I switched up to Sirene, then topped it with Nfu Oh 40.  Unfortunately, I forgot shots of Sirene solo, until the one nail in the comparison below.

indoor CF lighting
Sirene is a vibrant undersea teal head-on that very easily shifts to royal blue, magenta, and deep purple.  Nfu Oh 40 is likewise electric blue-green that shifts up to lavender purple, but as translucent flakies in a clear base.  All pics here are 2 coats of Sirene and 1 of 40.  In some bright light, the two were at the same place in their shift - all emerald - so that the flakies were a subtle bit of texture.

outdoor, indirect light
indoor, office fluorescents
Other than those head-on views, though, the flakes and the base color shifted at just enough of a different angle that I ended up with complementary contrasting colors.

my nails are mermaids!  I.  DIE.
Both get up to a lovely (though slightly different shade of) purple:

outdoor, shade
And both shift incredibly:

outdoor, indirect sunlight
Though it was most often a smooth, pearly chrome (some light brush strokes were there, but mostly covered by the flakies), in bright light, Sirene additionally has a lovely shimmer.

indoor CF lighting
A while back, I'd compared Picture Polish Illusionist to some similar shifters, and after loving Sirene, wanted to give that another go.

L-to-R:  Hits Mari Moon Daring, Sirene, PP Aurora
Interestingly enough, in the previous comparison, it definitely took 3 coats of Sirene to become opaque, while for the full mani above, 2 was perfect.  When I re-swatched for this comparison, again, 3.  This is one of the few polishes I know of (other than the sort of holo that needs an aqua base to work) that has a huge difference with or without base coat.  With my everyday base coat (NailTek Foundation II), the finish was much smoother, less brush stroke-y, and only needed 2 coats.

L-to-R for both: index = Hits Daring, middle = Sirene, ring = PP Aurora

Each of the above polishes are shown in 3 coats, no topcoat or clean-up for any of them.  As with the previous go-round, all 3 of these polishes (and the very sheer PP Illusionist) are approximately the same base shade, and all shift easily to a lovely purple, with a suggestion of bronze at the edge.  Sirene is the most saturated color at any point in the shift, and dries fastest.  Aurora is a microglitter, so has a totally different texture and look, and is a bit less green/more blue head-on.  Daring shows a fine shimmer most of the time.  None of them are 100% dupes, but broadly speaking, they're a very similar color.

Rating:  both Sirene and 40 are 5 out of 5 all the way.  MERMAID NAILS FTW!

Where to buy:  Sirene can be bought from the ILNP store, and the remaining stock of Nfu Oh flakies are still available at



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