Darling Diva Bitchcraft

After my last steely grey mani started wearing out quickly, I topped it with another deep gray flasher, Darling Diva's Bitchcraft.

indoor CF lighting
Bitchcraft (surely in the running for the best name ever) is a deep charcoal grey linear holo that also has a sprinkling of color-shifting micro glitters:

outdoor, indirect overcast light
In the above pic, you can see the little bits shifting from violet to cobalt to coppery orange - a similar color change to, say, ILNP Cygnus Loop and the glitters in some of the Ozotics or Hits Afterglow.  I do love holos with a little somethin' somethin' to spice them up in lower light!

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
The holo is as strong as Darling Diva typically makes, and is much clearer than in the pics I'm showing.

Check out the coppery glint to the shift in the bottle above, and the left nail below.

Rating:  a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  It coated my previous stuff in 2 easy coats and has a nice formula, but the microglitters are way prettier in my pics than they were in real life.  I think I'll top it with some Picture Polish Aurora or Hits Moonbow for an added kick next go-round.

Where to buy:  from Darling Diva's web store directly, or from any of her stockists.



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