Pahlish La Belle Endormie

The swatch pics of Pahlish's La Belle Endormie on the sales page show a royal purple packed with gold flakes.  What I ended up with wasn't quite that, but I love the color anyway.

indoor CF lighting
La Belle, while not at all a duochrome, has many different looks depending on the lighting, and I think this lighting difference has a lot to do with the wide variety of swatch photos from other bloggers.  I did end up with purple some of the time (above), but more often red or wine (below).

indoor, indirect sunlight
Unusually enough given the range here, I'm calling all the photos totally color accurate at one point or another.  Each of these photos is the same mani at 2 smooth coats.  The formula is really nice, neither thick nor watery.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The above two are the closest i have, but this polish looked even closer to true red, and not so berry-tinted, on occasion.  From a distance, the tiny microflake shimmer was always sparkly, and the gold showed more clearly than the wine/magenta particles.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
The jelly finish was aaaalmost too light in bright light, but indoors it always appeared totally opaque.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  A completely gorgeous color, even when it's a bunch of colors.

Where to buy:  direct from Pahlish or from Llarowe.



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