a England Sleeping Palace

Another quick post now that I'm home from my business trip... this one is a England's Sleeping Palace.

indoor CF lighting
Unfortunately, I didn't snap pics of the whole thing (work and hiking and some wine drinking totally got in the way of polish documentation!), but the two partials that I have here show you the important parts.  Sleeping Palace is a lush stone grey-purple, with the signature soft holo with which a England rocks my world.  This one happens to have a strong bronze shimmer to the holo arc (you get a glimpse in both shots) that warms up this cool color.

It's a gorgeous blend of cool and warm that I think would look fantastic on a lot of different skin tones, and I totally see why this ended up on so many people's best-of lists for 2013.  Indoors, the holo can be quite subtle, so this would count as a slightly subversive neutral for a lot of people.  Even in bright direct sunlight, the holo isn't OMG, just softly shimmering.  Gorgeous.  Unusually, the formula was a bit thicker/more sticky than I'm used to with aE, and it wore a whole lot quicker too.  I'll see how it does next go round with a few drops of thinner.

Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  These organic "bruise" colors just push all my buttons.



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