Red Carpet Nails: Jessica Street Swagger + DD Ringer + PP Festival

For my friend's themed Oscars party last night, I skipped out on dressing up, but decided to have "Red Carpet" nails instead.

indirect sunlight
I started with a base of Jessica's Street Swagger, a rich Chanel Vamp-type dried-blood red crème that I got in a Ninja Polish mystery bag.  This is one coat with no cleanup - a fantastic formula and lovely dark color.

indoor CF lighting
On top of this, I added one thick coat of Darling Diva's Ringer (a Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire type red-to-green color shifting shimmer), then one light coat of Picture Polish's Festival (a multicolored flakie).

indirect sunlight
In lower light, the rainbow of flakes took center stage, but at angles and brighter light, Ringer was queen.

red and bronze!
emerald green!
all the colors!
I was fascinated by the apparent color shift of the flakies in Festival, the way they blended into Ringer's emerald shift especially.

Rating:  3 stars for the sorta sparse but pretty flakes in Festival, 4 stars for Street Swagger's fantastic formula, and Ringer has to be upgraded to a perfect 5 after this combo.

Where to buy:  I'm genuinely not sure where Jessica polishes are sold, this is my only one of that brand.  Google to the rescue?  Festival can be purchased from Picture Polish retailers; i usually shop from Llarowe or Color4Nails.  Ringer can be had from Darling Diva's web store.



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