Zoya Storm

I picked up a couple of Zoyas during a recent promo sale, including a fave for a lot of people, Storm.

indoor CF lighting for all pics
Storm is an inky black liberally sprinkled with silver holo microglitter.  Perfect, creamy opacity happened in 2 coats, but cleanup was a real bear, with the black clinging like glue to my cuticle edges.

The holo sparkle in here is very much the type present in the Picture Polish galaxy LEs, where it most frequently looks like superfine silver mylar shards.  In other words, this is no dramatic super-rainbow with a linear flare.  It updates flat black to a more fun and pretty shade while still being dramatic, but it's not very often prismatic.  Wear time was ok, with edgewear and minor chips showing up by day 3.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  It's nice, but would definitely be more of a winner for me if the rainbow was more obvious and the black wasn't such a cuticle stainer (no stains on my nails on removal).

Where to buy:  zoya.com, Ulta, or other beauty supply shops.



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