Hits Artsy & dupe

I've had the nail polish junkie version of seasonal affective disorder lately: the lack of sun has me mildly depressed every time I ponder the uselessness of wearing any holos. Then I remembered that duochromes often shine their best in lower lighting, so I pulled the long-untried Hits Mari Moon Artsy on out.

indoor CF lighting for all pics in this post
Artsy is a rich cobalt blue duochrome that shifts down to purple and up to red and bronze-gold.

BAM.  Yeah, the color change is that lovely.  Unfortunately, Artsy's formula is thin, sheer, and took 3 coats to get to mostly opaque... and then, even with my super trusty HK Girl topcoat and a solid half hour before bed, I woke up to bad sheet-imprint wrinkles on most of my Cinderella hand, and the middle finger of this one.  So go back and look at the pics above and notice how my middle finger is a little more color saturated, and doesn't show the see-through tip that the other fingers do.  That's because I fixed the wrinkled fingers with the far superior ILNP Birefringence.

The shift looks different in this bottle comparison, but I promise that's only due to the different curvature of these two round bottles.  The color and shift are completely identical in both, only Birefringence gets farther in 2 easily opaque coats, wears better, and cleans up easier.

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars.  Yeah, I love the colors no matter who's bottling them for me, but the lack of drying and the ready to hand superior option means that Artsy gets left behind.

Where to buy:  Hits polishes are available from Llarowe, and ILNP is sold through their web store.



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