I've wanted to test drive a multichrome flakie over undies of the same base color, and since Birefringence restored my faith in that blue-to-bronze shift, I decided it was due for a layering with Luna.

indoor CF lighting
Luna appears to be both purple and blue when viewed directly.  It may be a flakie version of either Birefringence, or the slightly warmer Cygnus Loop (the two are very similar, and I don't have the latter for a direct comparison).

Either way, those flakes flash 100% spectacular.  Exactly as expected, the irregular surface of the flakes on top of the smooth base means that all the possible colors can coexist on the nail at once, giving you the same color spectrum of a multichrome that you'd otherwise need underwater photos to capture.

indirect weak winter sunlight
With the flakes on top, this combo became one that I was constantly flashing fingers to watch.

ok, yeah, duochromes for winter.
Luna does hit the same blue as the base color, though it's more often a touch more purple.

And then it shifts over to a teal that makes me want to try it on a totally different, teal-based duochrome, like Sirene.

Rating:  5 stars all the way.  Dead gorgeous.  Bonus: very easy to remove!

Where to buy:  direct from ILNP.



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