Dance Legend The Soothsayer

I'm on a business trip this week, so just a couple of quick posts of the ones I brought with me.

indoor incandescent light
Soothsayer is one of the 2014 HallOWLeen trio, made by Dance Legend in partnership with their blogger Anna Gorelova.  Each one of these 3 is an "effect" polish, with this one being a red-to-maroon thermal.  When warm, it's a bright, warm, tomato red, and when cool, it's a very dark maroon (never quite black).  It's almost identical to the color shift of DL's thermo 170, but with a slightly more crelly-like finish, and with the addition of the little silvery holo microflakies from the galaxy polishes.

outdoor, late afternoon shady sunlight
The transition was very shifty, and I often had the funky french tip effect.  Many of the women also attending this conference with me liked it so much that I ended up lending it out twice!  Wear time was decent, with smooth, even edgewear after 3+ days, but no major chipping.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, a solid winner, and one of my fave thermals.

Where to buy:  Dance Legend maintains a list of their international stockists here.



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