Butter London All Hail the Queen

Though Butter London doesn't always work great with my body chemistry, ever the eternal optimist, I picked up a bottle of plenty of peoples' favorite nude, All Hail the Queen (aka, All Hail McQueen in a prior version).

indoor CF lighting
Queen is a deep modern nude - somewhere between tan and taupe - with a softly scattered holo effect.  The formula was dead perfect for me: not too thick or thin, tolerant of plenty of manipulation and over-brushing, almost no cleanup required, and dried to the sort of lovely, lustrous shine that topcoat only enhances but isn't required for.

indirect late afternoon sunlight
The holo sparkle was subtly present in bright light, but never as a linear flame/arc on the nail, and to a lighter degree than even the a England type scattered holos.  Though the holo wasn't even a little obvious from the bottle, instead there was an interesting magenta/red flash in the bottle that wasn't present even a little on the nail.  Weird.

and here we have both the reddish flash (bottle only) and the subtle holo twinkle (nails only).
This was several shades darker than my skintone, and dried a small bit darker than the bottle.  Possibly due to the elusive red flash, this is the type of polish that looks a little different in different lighting, occasionally even picking up a greyed-out lavender tone.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, a great choice for when being all professional or ladylike is a necessity.  As with all BLs and me, this doesn't last too long, with chipping happening by 2 days later, but hey, that's just telling me it's time to switch back to a dramatic crazy color.

Where to buy:  BL is sold at Nordstrom, Ulta, and various places online.



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