Cult Nails Disciplined

Recently, Cult Nails announced their upcoming closure, which prompted me to pull the trigger on a couple things I've had my eye on for a while now.  My top pick from the batch is Disciplined.

indoor CF lighting
Disciplined was described as "a sheer but buildable grey," and I think that's completely accurate.  The first coat is only a subtle veil of color, and if you have a smooth hand with the painting and wanted only a light wash of shimmery tint on your nails, this would be a lovely look.  In 3 coats, it builds to a crelly finish, with plenty of not-quite-teal blue and lavender shimmer sparkles.

indirect cloudy sunlight.  this shot makes me wonder why I didn't matte this.
The shimmer is present but subtle - when I'm not in bright light or trying to snap a macro pic, it's rather restrained, though not hidden.

indirect afternoon sunlight
The grey here is fairly neutral, neither particularly brown nor blue, and it's sheer enough that you could give it a whirl as a shimmery/smoke topcoat.  Wear was quicker than I'd like, with white edges by the second day, but no chipping issues.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  I totally love greys with a little something sparkly, and this is no exception.

Where to buy:  Cult is closed, so try blogger sales or ebay.



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