:( Fail: Sinful Colors Cinderella

Sinful Colors has to be my favorite drugstore brand - their color range is super, and the quality of the polish is typically far better than the $2 price would have you thinking.  Cinderella is a fave of plenty of SC fans, but sadly, it was a total fail for me.

indoor CF lighting
Cinderella is a bright sky blue that appears to be very similar to the color of the dress in the Disney animated movie.  It's got a really lovely sparkly pink shimmer that peeks out of the creamy base in bright lighting.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of problems for me with this formula.  It's streaky, very fast-drying, sheer, and creamy all at once:  the 2nd and 3rd coats didn't smoothly build onto one another, but instead sat on top of one another in visible layers, leaving lines where the edges of each coat weren't perfectly aligned.  It also sort of lobster-hands me, and the whole effect looks way too little-kid (says the person who loves flashy rainbow duochrome unicorns).

Now, I'm fine with sheer as long as it's smooth (a milky crelly that lets a little VNL peek through can be very feminine and sexy), but the worst part here was the actual lumps of pigment that clumped all over about half of my nails.  Seriously, these are not bubbles:

here we see the trifecta of fail:  visible layers/lines, LUMPS, and patchy areas.  blech.
Rating:  1 out of 5 stars.  The contrasty shimmer had such huge potential, and hey, if your skin tone is different than mine, the lobster hands won't be an issue for you.  I know that plenty of other people find the sheer fussiness totally worth it, and there are suggestions to paint it over white to combat the sheer look (come to think of it, this really does behave like a chalky, streaky neon that needs undies).  For me, though, I didn't even want to try out a glitter layer to hide the problems, and this came off after one day.

Where to buy:  Sinful is sold at lots of drugstores, and Cinderella  is part of the core line.



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