Girly Bits I'm Your Venus

My brother got married yesterday (congrats, bro!), so I needed something festive enough to match my dress and the lovely springtime weather, but not too blingtastic.  Shiny copper to the rescue!

indoor CF lighing
I'm Your Venus is part of last year's 80s Girl Bands collection from Girly Bits, most of which were holos with matching shimmer (she calls them "shimmolos").  Venus is a light, bright copper just the color of a brand new penny.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The holo here is a sparkly linear - while there's definitely a flame arc, this is a lot softer than plenty of my other linear ones.  The central bright flash of copper comes up in bright sunlight, but is quite subdued indoors, making this sort of like a stealthy almost-neutral.

indirect, overcast light
The shimmer in this meant that somehow the holo was never greyed out, and didn't get that muted, silvery-dusty look that some really strong linears show in low light.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A lovely copper color, that would likely be flattering on a whole lot of skin tones.  It chipped a little quicker on me than I'd like, but then again, I was running around packing suitcases and carting flowers around and whatnot.

Where to buy:  check the list of stockists on GB's web store.



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