Femme Fatale Glass Coffin

Onward with Femme Fatale week!

Last month, FF came out with a Sleeping Beauty-themed collection, and my immediate must-buy from the batch of gorgeously cool-toned purples and blues was Glass Coffin.  Spoiler: this one is absolutely a stunner, so commence  the picture spam.

bright CF lighting
Glass Coffin is a lavender to sky blue thermal, packed with fiery jade green shimmer.  The shimmer ends up overlaying and visually blending the two colors, so I didn't really get any of the funky french-tip effect that thermals often look like.  Instead, sometimes there was a purple tint to the sidewalls or edge of my nails that hadn't been there before.

srsly, this is a pastel unicorn on my fingers.
indoor CF lighting.  this is about as french-tip effect as GC gets.
When my hands were warm, all traces of the purple vanished, leaving a bright, saturated sky blue.  And in bright light, the shimmer looked like glassfleck particles.

In lower light, the shimmer softened out to a gorgeous periwinkle/blue/lavender pastel pearl.

indirect sunlight
Wait, gorgeous jade green shimmer that makes things pearly?  Yes indeed, this is the same duochromatic shimmer as in Maddening Whispers (confirmed by tilting my bottles of the two all over the room to compare the shift).

it's green, then it's pinky-purple
This beauty didn't need flattering light to look good, even stark office fluorescents made her sparkle just fine.

yup.  regular, harsh office lighting.
Rating:  another dead gorgeous 5 out of 5 stars.  The formula was very smooth and easy to work with, was nicely opaque in two coats, and wore great.

Where to buy:  same as before, pick your local stockist from the list on Femme Fatale's web page.



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