Femme Fatale Stand in the Clouds

Some days, you check your mail and know immediately upon opening a new package that you're doing your nails TONIGHT.  The first of my Femme Fatale haul is Stand in the Clouds.

indoor, bright CF light
Clouds is a watery jade green - it's a very organic color the color of a lush lake somewhere, and just a touch more blue than yellow.  The sheer jelly polish allows tons of very fine gold shimmer and larger gold holo microglitter to shine through.  The gold is much more prominent in bright light, while the slightly cool jelly takes the fore in the shade, so this looks different in different lighting.

indirect overcast sunlight
This is 2.5 coats, and I had a bit of VNL at that point.  The glitter and consistency, though, were even enough that attempting to get it opaque was wholly unnecessary.  Apparently, I'm on a kick of ethereal slightly sheer polishes lately.

Though the glitter looks like it stands out, it does indeed lay very flat on the nail, with one layer of topcoat being all you need to smooth things over.

dat shimmah!
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This does wear like a jelly on me, with edgewear just starting by the 2nd day.  This glowy jade is amazing, though, so NBD.

Where to buy:  directly from Femme Fatale, or scroll to the bottom of the page there for their distributors.  I bought mine from Color4Nails.



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