Femme Fatale In His House He Waits Dreaming

I totally loved Stand in the Clouds, and was in a green mood when that shipment showed up, but when I first saw swatch pics of Femme Fatale's January Cthulhu-inspired collection, this was the one that was an instant must-buy:  In His House He Waits Dreaming

indoor CF lighting
Dreaming (boy is that name a mouthful!) is a rich red-toned chocolate brown jelly sprinkled with teal holo microglitters and packed with teal fiery shimmer.  It's a gorgeous warm-and-cool contrast that I swooned for, but was unusually tricky to capture in photos - while it looks near-black in a few here, it never looked black IRL.

outdoor, indirect overcast light
The shimmer is dense enough here that it dries down a little matted, but one layer of topcoat was sufficient to give it a glass shine.

The jelly finish here went on wonderfully evenly - the pic above is a single coat with no cleanup and no particular care to avoid streaking, and it's almost even enough to wear like that if you were so inclined.  I wore this in most of the pics here as 3 coats because that 3rd layer really brought out the shimmer.  However, i caught a nail in the car trunk (yeowch!!), and when i fixed and repainted, I went with only 2 coats.  I really can't tell the difference other than in the below very brightly lit indoor pic, but next time around I'll probably stick with 2 to let the jelly be a hair more translucent.

2 coats on the left, and 3 on the right.
There appears to be at least 2 different sizes of glitter in here, and it's possible that the teal glitters aren't also the holo ones, but hey, it's all lovely.

outdoor, shade
outdoor, direct sunlight
The holo is very subtle, just a bit of flash now and then.  The shimmer, though, is a gorgeous blue fire that's there in most lighting.

outdoor, shade
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.  I.  Die.  Also, other than the car crunching, this wore far better on me than I expect jellies to do.

Where to buy:  check out Femme Fatale's list of distributors at the bottom of their page if you don't want to buy direct.  In the US, i get mine from Color4Nails.



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