4th of July: Serum No 5 What a Blast

Woohoo fireworks time!  And what better fireworks polish than one that sets off its own lightshow too?  This is Serum No 5's What a Blast.

bright CF lighting
Blast is a sheer grey-white packed with red, white, and blue glitters, plus silver holo star glitter.  I've layered 2 coats of it over one coat of OPI Calling All Goddesses (a translucent grey-white), but it would be pretty without undies too.

indoor, filtered sunlight
outdoor, indirect sunlight
Glitter payoff was fantastic, with a very even spread of all the little bits with swiped coats.  I dabbed the 2nd coat only a little to fill in more around my cuticle edges, but this wasn't at all a fussy glitter.  Very conveniently, the larger stars tended to stick to the brush longer, so I could place them more on top of the other glitters for about half my nails.  It's of course very textured and topcoat hungry, and I could still feel some rough bits here and there after 2 layers of topcoat.

indoor, filtered sunlight

in the dark!
And of course, SN5 polishes are usually awesome glow-in-the-darks.  The glow was much brighter IRL than here, but I did need to "charge" my nails near a bright light source for a few minutes to get the best effect.

Rating:  a fun 3 out of 5 stars.  I'm not going to get frequent wear out of this color combo, but it's 100% perfect for 4th of July festivities.

Where to buy:  this was a 2014 release, so might not be restocked again, or frequently, but you can still pick it up direct from SN5.



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