Dance Legend Sub Zero


The other of the limited Dance Legend Mortal Kombat trio I picked up is Reptile's teal-ish blue sister, Sub Zero.

bright CF lighting
Sub Zero is almost identical in formula and temperament to Reptile:  it's a tonal thermal in a crelly sort of finish, the light color is a little more translucent than the dark color, the dark color is nearly black, there's fantastic flakies in there, and it dries rubbery matte so you need a topcoat.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Where Sub Zero has that little extra OOMPH, though, is that shimmer - in direct light (as in the bottle shot above), the sparkles are a contrasting fiery red flash, while at angles it's a golden green - yep, it's our favorite Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire red-to-green sparkle.

that emerald flash!
The flakies are the "ocean" sort, where there's a subtle shift from blue to green.  Most of the time, they appear pretty close to the blue end of the spectrum.

window-filtered daylight
The dark/cool color is pretty effectively black, but is always livened up by the flakes & sparkles.  While I did have a french tip or gradient some of the time with this one, the dark color was only entirely there when holding my fingers right up to the a/c vent.  KPT labels her thermals as "warm-sensitive" vs "cool-sensitive," so maybe there are a couple different changing temperatures, and these DL thermals are ones to wear in the winter?

direct sunlight
The transition was utterly gorgeous...

window-filtered daylight
And a little more than half the time, this was completely warm/blue on me.

direct sunlight
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  This wore better on me than Reptile did, and though green is totally my thing, I liked this color even more.  I think these DL minis at 6.5ml might be the perfect size - it's big enough to be a "real" brush, and I've never used up a whole bottle of anything other than base or topcoat.

Where to buy: like I said last go-round, DL says these are LE, so snap 'em up!  Check their list of stockists to get some.



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