Dance Legend The Knight

I utterly swooned on first sight of Anna Gorelova's pics of the Dance Legend LE The Knight - gold to silver metallic duochrome?  How was that magic even possible?!  But when I got the bottle, its similarity to all the Chanel Peridot clones was a little disappointing, so this ended up on mount untried for quite a while.  I'm happy to say that the look in the bottle and on the nail are totally different.

indoor, CF lighting
The bottle shows a greenish-bronze that rings out to blue and nearly purple - much like Peridot/OPI Just Spotted the Lizard/all the other clones do.  On the nail, though, that's not at all the case, and the total difference in appearance from the bottle to the nail in this pick is completely accurate.

outdoor, overcast daylight
At extreme angles, a steely blue to nearly purple color peeked out (above), and in very soft light I could sometimes see a more Peridot-looking pastel duochrome (below).  I think the differentiation between this & Peridot is the base color - it's actually a dusky purple that's totally hidden by the metallic pigment until you take it off.

same outdoor, overcast daylight
But the vast majority of the time, The Knight is exactly as originally shown - shades of neutral metallic color from bronze to gold to silver to gunmetal.

silver to the left, gold to the right.  so cool!
late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  An utterly unique color in my stash, which I loved, with a less than awesome formula (odd given how much I usually adore DL's polishes).  This went on a little too thick yet pooled in my cuticles, showed every imperfection in my nails, had a couple minor chips within 2 days, AND was messy as all get-out to take off (that dark purple base makes an epic mess - use a soak and pull removal method, not just rubbing off with cotton).  Maybe a couple of layers of aqua base would help it play more nicely?

Where to buy:  in the US, snag it from Color4Nails or Llarowe.



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