Polished by KPT Molybdenum

Moar thermals!!!  KPT is known in indie-polish-land for her thermals, and Molybdenum is one that's been hanging out on Mount Untried for far too long.

indoor, CF lighting
Molybdenum was part of a series of 3 or 4 "transitional elements" thermals, each of which were named after a mineral of some type.  This one is does a tonal shift from charcoal grey to pale neutral silver, with each shade packed with sparkly shimmer.

bright CF lighting
I had to cheat to get this pic - yep, another one that managed to be mostly either/or and rarely funky french tip on me.  my thumb above was just doused in warm water, while the rest of my nails are somewhere along the shift from cool to warm.

direct sunlight
The warm color is a really nice, sparkly silver that I think would be flattering on anyone's skin tone that normally looks good with silver.  It had a subtle taupe undertone, and was very neutral overall - I think this would be a very slightly subversive office neutral, as long as you can get away with this look indoors.

indirect, window-filtered daylight
In bright sunlight, that sparkle is pretty POW, managing to look almost holographic in its intensity of shine.  It does dry down rather matte, like thermals often do, so a topcoat is necessary to get this sparkle to bling out.

The darker gunmetal charcoal color is totally not office appropriate, though, unless you work somewhere edgy or somewhere unconcerned with one's nails (huzzah to the lab life!)

window-filtered daylight
Rating:  a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  It's pretty, but I want more drama out of my thermals.  This one never gave me a defined cold vs warm band, just a soft fuzzing of the silver into the gunmetal tone.  And it's as chippy as thermals can often be.

Where to buy:  this one is discontinued directly from KPT, so hit up the blog sale sites.



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