Zoya Logan

The boy said "green," so I pulled out a sparkler that I'd gotten in the most recent Zoya promotion, Logan.

bright CF lighting
Logan was part of the 2012 Holiday collection that Zoya called "the ornate collection" and you can certainly see why.  The bottle shot above is completely color accurate: a rich pine green, packed with green and gold shimmers that are just a little more subtle than something you'd count as glassfleck.

outdoor, indirect cloudy daylight
The shimmers were the kind that get stuck all over everything, so that plus the dark base made cleanup tricky; paint careful, peeps.

same cloudy daylight
In some lighting, the shimmers looked more silvery, but with a strong flash of sun or fluorescent, they were back to gold & green.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
Logan went opaque in 2 smooth coats, and the small brush is pretty easy to manipulate.  It dries to a pretty shine, but topcoat is what makes it glow.

direct sunlight
Rating:  a lovely 3 out of 5 stars. It's a pretty green that wears a little too quickly on me, but I was ready for a change after a few days anyway.

Where to buy:  Zoya is sold at most beauty supplies, such as Ulta.



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