Polished by KPT Calypso

I was so excited about these new anniversary thermals from KPT that the first one, Calypso, jumped right to the top of the to-be-tried-out list.  I ended up loving it so much that it's going to be all thermals for the next week around here!

indoor, CF lighting
Calypso is a royal purple (cold) to magenta-pink (warm) jelly, with a scattering of round holo micro-glitters.  I'm wearing 2 coats here, but the purple is more opaque than the pink - when warm, I had one or two slightly thinner areas that were visible in macro pics but not IRL.  The jelly formula was easy to work with and wonderfully smooth on its own, and had a perfect glassy shine with one layer of topcoat.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
There's also some hot pink shimmer here that miiiight shift a little toward blue (or else I'm dazzled by the twinkles in bright light, no guarantees either way).  Very interestingly, the silver glitters are even more rainbow in lower or indoor light than in bright sunlight, so this is always a little twinkly.

outdoor, overcast sunlight
Calypso totally hit the thermal sweet spot for me, with the funky french tip effect being present most of the time for me.  The color change is also lightning-quick, so it's actually challenging to get pics the way you want - everything here is exactly how it looked at the time, no hands in the freezer or in warm water.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Even though pink is so not me, I still loved this one.  The warm color isn't really baby or ballerina pink, but a saturated, rich light magenta.  The cold color is a luscious shade of eggplant or royal purple, depending on ambient lighting.

outdoor, bright sunlight
is this shimmer duochromatic?  YOU decide!
I've said it before - tonal thermals that are basically darkening shades of one color usually work best for me.  There's no awkward or unattractive colors at any point in the shift.  This is a spectacular color.

indoor, filtered sunlight
Rating:  5 out of 5, I'm so in love.  It even wears better than the average jelly for me.

Where to buy:  direct from KPT.



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