Dance Legend Reptile

After KPT Calypso was so fantastic, I've decided it's thermal-palooza around here...the fact that a pair from KPT arrived at about the same time as a pair of Dance Legend LE thermals did has everything to do with this plan.  First up of the DLs is Reptile.

bright CF lighting
Reptile is one of a trio of Mortal Kombat-themed polishes, so obviously this gets stuck in my head every time I ponder that.  Anyway, all 3 of these are tonal thermals that shift from a lighter to a darker tone of the same color.  Reptile is a bright, saturated kelly green when warm, and a very dark, near-black evergreen when cool.

bright CF lighting
At it's darkest, Reptile reminds me a lot of the pics I've seen of NARS Zulu - you can always just barely tell it's green, though.

indirect, overcast daylight
Unfortunately, unlike Calypso's hovering right at that thermal ideal point most of the time, I rarely had these awesome french tips hanging out - it was usually either/or on me.  The warm color is such a vibrant, summery green that the contrast is lovely when it does happen.

bright CF lighting
Reptile's formula is not quite clear enough to count as a jelly, but it is less than 100% opaque... the better to let the pretty flakes and shimmer shine through.  At very odd angles, I did catch a glimmer of color shift for these flakes, so they appear to be the gold-to-red iridescent sort, but they nearly always appeared as yellow or metallic gold IRL.  The finish dries down quite rubbery matte, so a topcoat is utterly essential here.

indirect, overcast daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  It's a chippy little brat, needing touch-ups after less than 24h (not entirely uncommon to thermals IMHO), but the color is lush.

Where to buy:  Reptile is a limited edition according to DL's site, so snap it up quick!  Buy direct from them, or from their list of international stockists.



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