Polished by KPT Swimming With Mermaids

KPT hit it out of the park twice - Swimming With Mermaids, my 2nd pick from her anniversary trio is another huge winner.

bright CF lighting
Like Calypso, SWM is a jelly-based thermal rather than the usual opaque shimmer.  I'm kind of in love with the idea and really hope she makes more of these - the color is lovely, and the glassy smooth finish is far easier to work with than the rubberized matte that thermals usually dry down to.

direct sunlight
Mermaids is studded with the same silvery holo microglitter as Calypso, but the formula is a little more translucent, needing 3 coats for the saturation you see here.

direct sunlight
All of my other thermals have a distinctly darker and lighter color that really makes the transition pop as a band of color at the free edge.  Because SWM's two shades are at about the same darkness, the transition zone typically looked more like a very smoothly done gradient than a funky french tip.

overcast daylight
While this does make it look teal in some lights, when warm this is definitively ocean-blue (not teal), and emerald green (not teal) when cold.

being all blue in the window-filtered daylight
being all emerald in the bright sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  I actually wish the transition was a teensy bit more obvious, but this polish is an utterly lovely thermal that goes on easy and wears rather well.

Where to buy:  direct from Polished by KPT's store.



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