Gliter Gal Tart Yourself Up

Glitter Gal was on crazy sale with Llarowe even before her recent liquidation, so I took the opportunity to snap up a few new ones.  Tart Yourself Up reminded me a whole lot of the vibrant medium-blue of the infamous Baker Street, so that one had to come on home.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Tart is a super saturated "azure" or "french" blue, in a crème finish that self-levels very nicely and is completely opaque in 2 coats.

my never-seen left hand, full sunlight

For the accent fingers, I used Cult Nails Time Traveler topped with INM Northern Lights Silver, then added starbursts with Snail Vinyls.

shady daylight
Tart was nicely shiny before topcoat, and really pretty after.  Both of these blues are the type that cling like anything to cuticle edges, so paint as carefully as possible to minimize cleanup for these.  Neither stained my nails on removal, but very little does, so YMMV.

afternoon sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, a lovely crème that manages to be super blue with no suggestion of lobster hands.  Also, a hearty recommendation for Northern Lights - perfect for a scattering of tiny rainbow stars when you're not in the mood for flaming cray holo.

Where to buy:  Glitter Gal is an Aussie import that maintains a list of international stockists that appears to be a little out of date.  Should be enough options there to find what you're looking for.  Northern Lights is easily found at Sally's, and Cult is now only found on blog sales.



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