Darling Diva Dangerous Driver over BEG Together Dead and Lonely

I was so NOT ready to take off the gorgeous black Together Dead and Lonely, but after a couple of days I did wish that it had more holo OOMPH, so I topped it with Darling Diva's Dangerous Driver and ended up wearing black nail polish for almost a week straight.  For verisimilitude, all pics taken in a car, while trying very much to not be dangerous (pics only while stopped at lights, yo).

bright sunlight for all pics
 The last time I wore Dangerous Driver, I said it was a holo sparkle and not linear.  Weeeeel, I kinda lied - this stuff is a flaming holo goodness that's as close as something can get to linear before it actually IS linear.

check out those rainbows
It's also filled with the Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire pigment that polish junkies swoon over, making this black shine everywhere from brick red to bronze to green.

bronze flash
green flash
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  One easy, smooth coat is all that's needed for this huge sparkle payoff.  It's neither as holo as a holo-only topcoat, nor is it as color shifty as a 230-only topper, but the combo is fantastic and utterly lives up to the name.

Where to buy:  Darling Diva's web store, may she never stop selling this.



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