Girly Bits Push It

Sometimes you really need a nail-palate cleanser after tons of dark and rich colors, and it's still time to holo while the sun's out, so I pulled Girly Bits Push It off the untried pile.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Push It is a silver with a whole lot going on.  It's got a sparkly scattered holo finish, plus a bunch of silvery shimmer, plus a bunch of holo hex glitter in mostly copper but with a few silver ones thrown in.

direct sunlight
The holo is more of a sparkle than a flame, but the scattered holo particles plus the chunkier rainbows off the glitter meant this was pretty sparkle-tastic.

In the shade, the glitters were more apparent than in bright sunlight, which was both more visual interest/complexity than your usual holo, and also a little bit muddy.  The formula was thick enough that glitters didn't lay totally flat on the nail, and i did need to clip a couple of them off to prevent any OCD craziness.

shady, overcast daylight
Push It wore quicker than I'd like, wth a few chips by day 2.  Still, totally sparkle-tastic fun that would be pretty sweet under club lights if that's yo thing.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  Canadian Girly Bits has a list of her stockists here.



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