Dance Legend Price of Beauty

I'm an eternal 3-year-old magpie, eyes caught by bright and sparkly things, and glow-in-the-dark is certainly no exception.  Most glow polishes require a light base color to "reflect" off of, so I was a little skeptical at the darkest of Dance Legend's Firefly collection, Price of Beauty.

window-filtered daylight
Price of Beauty (geez, DL, what's with the name?  Is glitter removal what we pay to look sparkly??) is a faded denim blue that's packed with what visually appears to be mostly lavender and gold micro glitters.  The macro shows a whole rainbow of sparkle, though, with green and blue and pink in there too.

overcast daylight
It's a softly sparkly, pretty color indoors and in the shade.

overcast daylight
But in the sun, it's so blingtastic that it causes camera freak-out.

full sunlight:  BAM!
With just a few seconds of charging under any light source, this is a super-strong glow in the dark.  I managed to startle myself a few times when briefly waking up at night.  While the usual distraction in a car is with holos or duochromes that shift every time a corner gets turned in the daylight, this one was fascinating to watch shift from dark in low light to BRIGHT in even lower light.

as usual, not even half as glowy as IRL
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The formula is oddly sticky and doesn't like to be over-manipulated at all.  You gotta wait a few minutes for each coat to dry (thank goodness 2 is totally enough), so a quick-dry topcoat is required.  It wore perfectly for 2 days, then promptly gave up at once and started chipping (i.e., do not pass edge wear, go straight to chips).  But it's so awesome that I'm most definitely searching out more Fireflies.

Where to buy:  with Llarowe shutting down most of her business, I'm crossing fingers that Color4nails will be ramping up the Dance Legend inventory.  In the meantime, here's DL's list of international stockists.



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