Femme Fatale Lantern Waste

Femme Fatale is easily one of my fave indie polish makers - there's been at least a few in each of her collections lately that I utterly have to get a hold of.  From the recent Narnia set, this is Lantern Waste.

overcast daylight
It's debatable what color Lantern Waste actually is - in some lighting it's grey, while other times it's a smoky faded-denim sort of blue - but either way, it has the lovely color-shifting iridescent flakies from Essie's Shine of the Times that plenty of people have forgotten about in the current blitz of multichrome metalic flakies.

overcast daylight
Lantern Waste also has an overlay of the red-to-green Fantasy Fire pigment I love.  The green flash happened in a much more subtle way than from a topper, probably from peeking through the stormcloud of the base color.  The rusty red flash, though was a smoldering ember on the smoky background.

direct, late afternoon sunlight
embers & smoke
The formula was patchy on the first coat, then evened out nicely on the second.  3 coats are utterly essential, though, as this is still somewhat translucent at only 2.

dem flakes!
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Yep, Femme Fatale is still a huge winner!

Where to buy:  shipping from Australia is a little squirrely lately, but Femme Fatale will send you their creations directly.  In the US, my prime hookup for this is Color4nails.



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