Polished by KPT Ophelia's Love

More thermal love!!

KPT released Ophelia's Love (my bottle calls it "Lve") as part of a duo back in 2013.  I was a sucker for the flakies in Ophelia, while Suzy was smitten by the shimmer in Ophelia's sister Nostalgia, so we split the pair.  Indies that make thermals promise that the color shift will last for at least 6 months, but today's experiment shows that this one changes just as smoothly as it did 2 years ago.

indoor CF lighting
Ophelia is a vampy near-black when cool and a very sheer light grey when warm.  The base color is packed with lovely duochromatic flakies that shift from fuchsia through bronze and almost to green.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
The color really is all about the flakes - the base really is almost black to almost clear, so it's the appearance of these sheerly iridescent little flashes that lend it color.

direct sunlight
The warm color can be a quite sheer sexy veil of light sparkle on the nails, to a purpley-pink flash rich enough with flakie shine to appear mostly opaque.

direct sunlight
The flakes make the cool color appear to be overall a vampy purple - this is never solely a black nail polish.

office fluorescent lighting
The funky french tip effect is out in full force with this one, and it's quite lovely.

indirect sunlight
Note that the pink flash in this last pic was evident a whole lot stronger and a whole lot more frequently than captured in most of my pictures.

LED flash for sparkle!
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, this is a pretty, sparkly goth girl.  The formula is a little thick, and it chipped after about 3 days, but it's nicely self-leveling, and one coat gives it a glass shine (no bumpy finish at all).

Where to buy:  direct from KPT's store.



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