Birthday Nails take 2: Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier

Like I said, this is a big, zero-at-the-end birthday, and while I painted black like one does for the party, for my actual day-of-birth, I busted out the good stuff, probably the most HTF fancy sauce in my stash, Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Once upon a time, back in, 2013 Suzy sent me a pic of this polish right here.  Obviously, it was an immediate must-have, and at the time she sent me the pic, I popped on over to Ninja Polish's website, saw it right there on the front page, and snagged a bottle.  I had NO IDEA that it had been restocked literal minutes before I looked at it and then sold out again that same day, and was pleasantly clueless about the frenzy of restock stalking.  This polish right here was my final stumble down the indie rabbit hole.

indoor, CF lighting
You know what, though?  Mystic Glacier absolutely lives up to the magical swatch photos from then.  The above pic really, seriously is what it looks like most of the time:  cadet blue with a sparkling overlay of nearly neon turquoise and ruby embers.  Yeah, I'm swooning over my own nails, pffffft.

indoor, bright CF lighting
This is of course a 230/Fantasy Fire-type polish, such that the gorgeous shimmer is red when viewed directly (above) then over to emerald at angles (below), with plenty of gold & bronze in-between.

indoor, CF lighting
outdoor, bright sunlight, YAS gold!
It also happens to be in a jelly base to seriously allow every microscopic fragment of this shimmer to blaze free, so this is 3 coats here.  These 3 coats were visually opaque in all but the brightest sunlight, but several of the indoor shots here quite clearly show my nail line, as though the camera can see past the sparkle of the shimmer.  Optical wizardry!

outdoor, bright sunlight
This is the 2nd time I've worn this polish, and I know I did worlds better this go-round.  Amusingly enough, my notes from the first time mentioned a "spotty" formula, hahahahahaaaa - oh, honey, you had no idea what to do with jellies, no idea how to control the thickness of a coat.  Anybody just hopping on board the nail polish addict train, don't worry, you'll be a pro in no time.

window-filtered daylight
One other thing I switched up was using my cheapie ProFX topcoat, after it had worked so fabulously on Divinity.  And yeah, BAM, this jelly now wore like iron on me - 5 days with nary a chip, and only the slightest of edgewear.  Plenty of these pics are from day 3 or 4, and they all look nicely fresh to me.

window-filtered daylight
In shade and low-light, the shift is still readily apparent though of course more subtle, this doesn't need bright light or sun to be pretty.  But it does amplify everything I love about Mystic Glacier.

Rating:  a gloriously perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  Ninja Polish is no more, so if you ever do find a bottle of this hoard it like gold.



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