Birthday Nails take 1: Nfu-Oh 60

It's my birthday this week, one with a big zero attached as the last digit, so for my party this past weekend, I went with the traditional thing to Paint It Black.

indoor, CF lighting
I stumbled across a swatch of Nfu-Oh 60 just a couple of months ago, sighed over how lovely it was, and sighed again since it was certainly gone by now (these were discontinued by the manufacturer maybe 2 years ago).  And then promptly found a bottle on Amazon for $10.

indoor, CF lighting
Nfu-Oh 60 is a black jelly (not brown, not espresso, not charcoal, BLACK) absolutely packed with iridescent flakes that shift from red when viewed directly to bronze at a little angle to green at longer angles - as in, yes, the exact same shade shift as the shimmer in Fantasy Fire or Clarins 230.

indoor, bright CF lighting
When in the totally red shift (above), Nfu-Oh 60 ends up looking a whole lot like Dance Legend Bite Tonight, but this one is black where the DL is dark red, and the flakies here are both far more prominent and far more shifty.

window-filtered daylight
At angles, the emerald flash of the flakes really pops against the black base.

indoor, CF lighting
I'm wearing 3 coats here, because the jelly base needed to be built up in thin coats, but each layer went on very smoothly and the flakies distributed themselves without any wrangling at all.  If you like a more opaque/less squishy look, or just wanted to preserve the flakie goodness, this would work flawlessly in a single layer over a black creme.  It dried to a nice shine, but I always wear topcoat to help with wear.  The look was smooth, glassy perfection in soft lighting, bright or direct light wasn't at all needed to make this look good.

window-filtered overcast daylight
Rating:  a luscious 5 out of 5 stars, with a perfect formula, great wear, and clearly obvious shift.

Where to buy:  well, this has theoretically been discontinued, with 60 out of stock on the prime stockist for Nfu-Oh, Fabulous Street, though they do still have more than half of the flakies collection available.  Take a look at Amazon or blog sales, though, and good luck!



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