Tonic Greenglow

Finishing out March, it was back to the all-green/blue all month plan with Tonic Greenglow.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Greenglow should win an award for the most straightforwardly honest polish name in recent memory:  it is indeed green, and it does indeed glow in most all lighting.

indoor, bright CF lighting
It's a delicately shifty springtime duochrome, shifting from palest celery spring green to a more vivid jade to a few shades of pink, with bronzey gold thrown in the middle somewhere.  It's a little sheer to let all the duochrome shimmer do the talking, so I have 3 coats here.

indoor, CF lighting
indoor, window-filtered daylight
There's a soft holo sparkle thrown in here, but it's more like the scattering of tiny twinkling lights you get from a layer of Northern Lights topcoat than anything approaching a holo flame.

window-filtered morning sunlight
I topped Greenglow with Emily de Molly rose gold stamping polish using some pisces symbols from MoYou London's Zodiac 02 plate.  The end result was super bright in some lighting and whisper-subtle in others.

outdoor, direct afternoon sunlight
This polish also happens to be a great example of how the same duochrome pigment looks in 2 different bases.  The jade to pink flash is absolutely the same shift as in Trust Fund Beauty Spring Detox, but that polish's swampy green base amps up all the color saturation while this one's clear base keeps everything soft and subtle.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, lovely color, decent wear time, and a good formula.

Where to buy:  Greenglow was part of a Color 4 Nails exclusive duo - stalk the store to see if a restock is coming up.



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