Femme Fatale A Fortune Teller's Charm

After things warmed up quite a bit around here (flip flop time already?! Yes please!) we had another cold snap.  Since my nails were nice and long and there were no traitorous chippers, definitely thermal weather!

indoor, bright CF lighting
Femme Fatale A Fortune Teller's Charm is a beautiful sea-green sort of teal when cold, and a pale yellowy sandy nude when warm.

bright afternoon sunlight
The teal darkens (I think) just a hair more than what's in the bottle when it's really cold, and the pale sand of the warm color is warmed up even more by a red/copper/gold shimmer overlay that's visible in most all lighting.

early morning sunlight, fully cold state
This was just 2 absolutely perfect coats to complete opacity - kind of unusual for a thermal that's so pale on the warm side, but of course appreciated.  This dries a little satin less than most thermals do, but a layer of topcoat is always necessary IMHO anyway.
outdoor, bright sunlight
I have a long-standing theory that to really look great, thermals have to be pretty in all their possible colors from fully cold to fully warm - I've tried a few with very bold contrasts between the two colors, like Fortune Teller here, where the in-between color was dirty or just plain weird looking.  Nope, the coppery shimmer makes this look like various intensities of verdigris at any time.

window-filtered shady daylight
Though this is fairly glitter-heavy, the glitters laid quite smoothly on the nail, and a single layer of topcoat was sufficient to get this fantastic glassy shine.  There's a possibility that at least one of the two sizes of these gold glitters is holographic, but there's really no holo bling anywhere other than in macro pics.

bright afternoon sunlight
I've seen a whole lot of gorgeous stamping with thermals in general and this one in particular, so my own attempt was most definitely in order.  My birthday is coming right on up, so I reached for the MoYou Zodiac plate 02 (Pisces of course), and used SuperChic Rum-Billie over MYL Electric Teal to double-stamp some curving waves with a starfish.

window-filtered overcast daylight
Rum-Billie absolutely lives up to claims that it's a great stamping polish, and covered quite opaquely with no troubles at all.  The gorgeous whiskey-bronze color is pretty unique in my stash to boot.

bright afternoon sunlight
Rating:  a flawless 5 out of 5 stars.  Perfect formula, beautiful verdigris shadings, wore like iron, and I'm of course a sucker for both contrast shimmers and thermals.  I don't even care that the warm tone of A Fortune Teller's Charm is way too yellowy for me, this is a delightful day on the beach or a glimmer from a desert caravan on my nails.

Where to buy:  check Femme Fatale's list of stockists.



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