Hits Mari Moon Unconventional

With the 90bajillion untried polishes in my stash, I usually don't even consider an old polish when picking my next color, and there's plenty of faves from before I blogged hidden on these shelves.  I guess Mystic Glacier reminded me to consider revisiting another best beloved, because this week Hits Unconventional leapt right at me.

window-filtered morning daylight
Unconventional was part of Hits' Mari Moon collection - a series of 8 duochromes, then another 8 with similar-sounding names that had added holo sparkle.  Like all duochromes, it's lovely in shady or lower light, showing a deep sapphire blue wash over a rich berry wine base in direct light.

outdoor, overcast daylight
With barely a tilt of the fingers, the warmer shades start creeping over the curve of your nails, adding magenta, then scarlet.

outdoor, overcast daylight
But low lighting isn't at all necessary. Unconventional absolutely blazes in bright sunlight, too.

outdoor, direct bright sunlight
Everything from ultra vampy (but never completely black, even in low light) to every shade of plum and wine...

outdoor, direct bright sunlight
...then on through magenta and a flaming scarlet...

...and finally to a ruddy orange that's not quiiiiite bronze.

moar sunlight magic
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars, simply for the luscious color alone.  Hits made notoriously wonky brushes, and my bottle of Unconventional was no exception - using that mop in the tiny 6ml test tube was enough of a PITA the first time I wore it that I bought a backup of the incredible color and decanted both of them into an empty topcoat bottle.  The formula here is sticky and took forever to dry (there's a dent in the tip of my middle finger visible in most pics here).  This is not a perfect polish, like a 5/5 should be.  But are you looking at that color?  DEAD.

Where to buy:  once Llarowe stopped stocking them, most Brazilian imports have become very difficult to find.  Even if I'm successful in my quest to find this same multichromatic magic in a better-handling formula, someone would have to pry this one out of my cold, dead hands.  Try ebay, blog sales, and destashes.



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