Femme Fatale Silent Snowfall

I sort of continued my all-teal-all-month theme but in a much lighter vein this week with Femme Fatale Silent Snowfall.

indoor, CF lighting
From the recent holiday exclusive trio for LLP, Silent Snowfall is a very pale grey (in bright lighting it will look nearly white) with a lovely aqua shimmer overlay.  The shimmer is more prominent IRL than my pictures capture, but not as devastatingly glowy as the over-exposed sales pics from LLP would indicate.

In lower lighting, the shimmer and the pale background combine to look like a layer of pearl on the nail.

window-filtered overcast daylight
While in bright lighting, there's a scattered holo sparkle.

bright direct sunlight
Pastels can be notoriously tricky, and this was kinda in that zone.  I needed 3 coats to get to the opacity you see here, with plenty of time to dry before painting that 3rd layer to prevent stickiness and dragging.  And in some lighting, I got a subtle hint of lobster hands, so that was less than fab  :(

window-filtered overcast daylight
But, huzzah!  Surprise duochrome, and we all know how I love that!  The shimmer here shifts from aqua to fuchsia, rather like that in Ethereal Whimsy (though far less shifty than other similar duochromes like Picture Polish Illusionist).

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  Please note, again, that my pics don't show the shimmer quite as intensely as it was IRL - both my phone and standard cameras reduced the aqua flash to more of a glassy shine.  I think if you "averaged" my pics with the official fancy sales swatches you'd end up with reality.

Where to buy:  this is a store exclusive for Live Love Polish.



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