Starlight Polish Phoenix Feathers

After my first good turn with Starlight Polish's shifty shimmer jellies, I pretty quickly moved on to the 2nd (and yes, of course I got all 3 of the colored-base polishes!).

indoor, CF lighting
All of the polishes with "Phoenix" in the name are the Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire type red-to-green shimmer.  Phoenix Feathers is this magical shimmer in a lovely warm wine jelly base.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Like Dragon Scales, the formula is quite sheer to allow all this gorgeous sparkling fire to show through unobstructed - I needed 4 thin coats for this one too, but each coat dried quickly and the end result wasn't at all thick or chunky or easily dented like you'd expect a 4+ coat mani to be.  Final verdict = a little more effort than typical, but no major big deal, and OMFG yes it's worth it.

you KNOW how polish addicts feel about that bronze and emerald shift!
direct afternoon sunlight
that rainbow on the edge of the bottle lets you know you got the gooooood stuff.
Rating:  a luscious 4 out of 5 stars.  All the notes I have for Phoenix Feathers are identical to her green sister - 4 coats, good formula needing minimal cleanup, and better than typical wear for a jelly, with minor, even edgewear but no chips after several days of being tough on my hands (cleaning house, scrubbing pots out, etc).

Where to buy:  Starlight & Sparkles etsy store.



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