ILNP Peace, Enchanted Polish Entwined, and Chaos & Crocodiles Cheshire Rose comparison

While the ever-changing nature of duochromes captures my heart every time, there's one sad truth to keep in mind:  there's apparently only so many unique duochromatic pigments out in the world.  I've gotten snared by my same fave colors over and over so that I try to talk myself out of anything new that makes my heart flutter.  Peace is gorgeous enough that I've said no to some similar-looking polishes, and very conveniently I was road-tripping off to visit Suzy who just happened to have a bottle of a recent HHC I'd managed to pass on, so a comparison was in order.

L-toR for both: C&C Cheshire Rose, ILNP Peace, Enchanted Entwined

The bottle shots give the story away pretty clearly:  none of these are dupes for each other, but they're all most definitely "cousins" if not "sisters" in the same color family.

indoor, CF lighting, L-to-R Entwined, Peace, Cheshire Rose
For all nail swatches, my middle and pinky are ILNP Peace, index is Chaos & Crocodiles HHC Cheshire Rose, and the ring is Enchanted Polish Entwined.  I have here 2 coats each of CR and Entwined, and 3 of Peace.  Entwined became a must-have for me when it was suggested that it's verrrrrry close to the impossible-to-get Femme Fatale Evil Queen, and the C&C is Suzy's (thanks love!).  First off, none of the finishes are identical.  Entwined is a lightly scattered holo with ultra tiny holo glitters to amp the sparkle.  Peace is a smooth chrome or very fine shimmer depending on the lighting.  Cheshire Rose is a bold linear holo, with the rainbow flame visible in all but the lowest lighting conditions.

window-filtered shady daylight
In shady/low lighting, all 3 have a heart of inky blue that tilts out to a plummy purple wine on the edges.

overcast daylight
The same direct light = blue, while angled light = wine stays true in brighter indoor lighting.

indoor, CF lighting
While they all look very similar when viewed head-on, the angles and colors of this shift are where these 3 diverge.  They go from ink blue to royal purple at just slightly different angles:

bright sunlight
And then royal purple to plum again at a little difference:

bright sunlight
But they do all hit the same colors in general...until you get to the sideways and really tilted angles.

bright sunlight
Entwined hits a heart-stopping bright magenta that neither of the others can match, though all do pick up a hot pink flash at this angle.  While pulling a more muted pink, Peace then skips past the magenta and goes on to gold and green, which neither of the other two do.

L-to-R:  Entwined, Peace, Cheshire Rose
Verdict:  Peace has the broadest range of color shifts, which means it's not a dead dupe for any of the others, even if I was looking at the holo version.  At times, Peace looked more like Entwined, then later more like Cheshire Rose - to me, it sits in between the other two.  All 3 had nicely smooth formulas, so a preference for the way the polish handles wouldn't help me narrow one of these out, either.  Definitely a case of "similar but not the same," but I'll still try to content myself with 2 out of the 3.



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