Ruby White Tips An Ocean Full of It

After totally loving my first go with Ruby White Tips, I immediately grabbed the next one of theirs in my stash when it was time to change colors.  Here's An Ocean Full of It, from their Breaking Bad collection.

Ocean is an appropriately oceanic aqua color, that in low or indirect lighting looks like it has a glowy pearl finish.  In sunlight or direct lighting, there's a bright finely shimmery gold that totally changes the look.

In a lot of ways, this is Jane's Lemming's flipped sister: where that one was a warm-toned color with cool flash, this one is cool-toned with an almost warm golden flash.  The blue fire of Lemming looked like a sky reflection even when the sky wasn't that nice, and Ocean's gold fire looks like a summery sun reflection, even in the tail end of our winter.

Depending on the light, it'll lean a bit more blue or green (bluer in brighter light), but it never really looks like one or the other, it's totally aqua.

There's a subtly multicolored shimmer, with hints of emerald or fuchsia, that barely peeks onto the nail.

Totally opaque in 2 coats, nicely self-leveling, and just thick enough that it doesn't pool around your cuticles.

Bonus: most of these pics are after 3 days of wear, and it looks just as good as new.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  RWT makes some mighty nice shimmers, people.

Where to buy:  at her etsy store.



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