ILNP Nostalgia

I Love Nail Polish makes gorgeous "ultrachromes" - duochrome polishes that typically shine way more than just two colors, usually with a very smooth metallic chrome finish.  Nostalgia was from the 2013 Holiday collection.  I got plenty of compliments on this color while wearing it at work!

indoor office fluorescent lighting
Nostalgia is basically a pink-to-green duochrome (and maybe a near-dupe of the much harder to get a hold of Dance Legend Roz).  What makes it interesting is the number of personalities it has, each one peeking out in slightly different lighting situations.  Above, it's a smoothly metallic, almost pastel pink & bronze green.

outdoor direct sunset light
In direct light, though, it's suddenly very shimmery and sparkly, not a smooth metallic at all, and with much more saturated colors.

outdoor indirect sunlight
It can go from completely saturated emerald green with barely a hint of pink or gold...

indoor office fluorescents an autumnal rosy bronze with only a suggestion of earthy green at the edges.

outdoor indirect sunlight
Sometimes, those fiery sparkles flash in a liquid-smooth finish...

indoor office fluorescents
...and sometimes, it's a nearly brushstrokey metallic.

outdoor sunset sunlight
The hardest to catch on camera, but easily visible much of the time indoors or out, was this richly saturated cherry-pink.  My camera tended to mute this shade into one of the more pastel versions in the polish, so though the above pics are all color-accurate to my eye, this color was there a lot more often than just here.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  I love this color to pieces, and the formula was as easy to work with as any other ILNP I've tried.  Weirdly, though, this one chipped like crazy in less than 24 hours on 5 out of 10 nails.  I was so in love with the color (and so not ready to change it) that I filled in the chips and then re-top coated those nails only.  After the repair job, the seams were totally flawless - I know which nails were touched up, but I can't tell even in the macro photos, so the formula is pretty incredible.  Post-repairs, no chips at all for another 3 days, and ILNP usually wears pretty hard on me, so I'm calling the first chips a fluke.

Where to buy: direct from the ILNP store.



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