Fresh Paint Nebula

I didn't often shop at 5 below (not much in the way of locker decorations is necessary in your 30s), until i realized they had some pretty nice nail polish for pretty damn cheap.  One of their staple brands, Funky Fingers, is made by the same parent company as does Color Club - basically, you're getting CC polishes for a steep discount.  I'm assuming their other staple brand, Fresh Paint, is the same.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Nebula is a rich wine shade with plenty of shimmer.  It comes close to being vampy, but is never near-black. It took 2 easy coats with a surprisingly good formula - unlike a lot of "drugstore" type polishes, this isn't at all runny or thin, and I didn't get pooling around my cuticles.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
There's a gorgeous metallic pink shimmer in the bottle that made me think this was going to look like a sparkly foil finish, but that didn't really translate to the nail much at all.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Plenty of shimmer and sparkle, no metallic foil.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  It's shiny and shimmery and would be a nice start to some layering or nail art, and it's looking very nice on my toes right now.  But overall, there's nothing that wows me about this one, and it wears pretty quickly on me (though i'm starting to wonder if that's related to low wintertime humidity, since a lot of things are wearing quickly on me lately).  For less than $2, though, it's a really solid basic.

Where to buy:  5 below stores don't sell online as far as I know, but it's well worth an occasional trip to their nail polish bins to pick 3 bottles for $5.



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