St. Patrick's Day take two: Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch + OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Last night I decided to switch out the poison green for a true green, and end up with something more conventionally holiday festive. I busted out the Wet n Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch that I'd bought over a year ago when I first started going polish-crazy, along with OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel Air that Suzy had given me (she knows my green love all too well) when she was making her picks from that OPI Muppet collection.

In the bottle, SaGreena (the way they try and cram TV show names in there cracks me up a lot) is a nearly perfect, glowy, rich emerald.  The first watery, thin, streaky, sheer coat, though, reminded me of the difference between budget stuff and the high-end indies I've been hoarding more recently.  And yet, POW!  By the time i got back to my first nail, the thinness meant it had flawlessly self-leveled, erasing every single brush stroke, creating a thin wash of very smooth color.  Huh.  I guess you just have to be careful to not let the stuff puddle a bunch into your cuticles, then it's all good.  2 coats was good, but a very quick flicked, super thin 3rd coat just over the tips (to ensure no VNL) brought that glowy emerald exactly to the bottle color.  Nice.

Fresh Frog is small round grass-green and larger round silver glitters in a clear base.  It'd be about impossible to get this to be opaque, so it's very much a layering-only (or lightly sprinkled color on bare nails) polish.  A single swipe alone ended up with plenty of patchy spots; dabbing was definitely required to get the glitter to distribute basically evenly.  The silver sparkles really pop, and I think this looks like some kitschy St. Pat's party decoration out of a 5 & dime shop, which is totally what I wanted for this faux-holiday.

Rating: SaGreena again gets the 4 stars I gave it when I first wore it.  Cheap as anything, but that's a killer green.  Fresh Frog is a solid 3 stars.  It'd be a fun, quick holiday mani over plenty of other colors, too.

Where to buy:  WnW can be found at any drugstore, and OPI can be found at any beauty supply.



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