Polished by KPT La Catrina

La Catrina, named for the original image that became the prototype for the day of the dead sugar skull icon, was part of KPT's fall 2013 collection.  The pink-to-green transition, reminding me of both flowers and their stems, works great for spring, too.

La Catrina is a bright kelly green in its cool/room temperature state, that ultimately warms up to a green-tinged taupe, with a coppery pink shimmer that's more present in the warmer color.

forgive the crazy lobster hands, but the bottle color and sparkle is totally accurate
This polish went on very evenly in 2 coats and wears great - I got 3 days with absolutely no tip wear or chips at all.  It stays cool when wet just long enough that you can visually confirm that things aren't patchy.  In the cool state, it's fully opaque, with subtle shimmer.

the sparkle is more obvious in the sun than indoors, of course
When the funky french tip effect happened, it was really nice - the fully green color is opaque in contrast to the very sheer taupe, making the tips stand out even more from the rest of the nail.

indirect sunlight through the window
The warm state, though, always retains at least a little green tinge, and it's easily sheer enough for VNL.  It looked like a thin wash of muddy army green plus metallic sparklies; the cool color was pretty, but the warm one and transitioning one, not as much.  Next time, I may try it out over an opaque nude to even the color out, or else a light rose pink to make it look less muddy.

As I've said before, the trick to thermals is making sure you're equally in love with every color that one can be, since they're going to change all the time.  I only love half the colors this one is, and because the appearance is so very different between cool and warm, the in-between transitional colors here look kind of odd, like I was trying to do something funky on purpose.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  It's one of the easiest-applying thermals I've ever used, and the color combo is utterly unique.  I just wish that the cool color was less green, so that it looked prettier when sheer.

Where to buy:  Polished by KPT store



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