Ruby White Tips Jane's Lemming

After Suzy raved about her picks from Ruby White Tips, I checked out the store just in time for a cyber Monday 2 for 1 sale, and ended up with a pair that I like a whole lot.  First up is Jane's Lemming.

Jane's Lemming is described as brown with blue hues, but I'd call it a warm mushroom taupe.  It's a rich neutral that occasionally looks like a subtly red-leaning lavender, especially in low or indirect lighting.

But just a little bit of sunlight or the office fluorescents overhead, and POW!!

Wow, check out that electric blue fire!  And yes, it totally translates to the nail:

While driving around, the blue often looked like the polish was just so glossy that the clear winter sky was reflecting off of it.  Except that the sky-blue flash was there even when the sky was nowhere near that prettily blue itself.

You can see in this pic that i had a couple of patches where the color wasn't 100% even (much more evident in the pics than in real life).  This was a true "crelly" finish, going on as streaky as a jelly on the first coat, then evening out like a creme in the second.  The formula self-leveled to that lovely glossy shine, but it dried quickly enough that i got some patchy streaks.  I've added a few drops of thinner, and that should do the trick for evening out next time.

under the office fluorescent lights.  notice the white shine from the lights...and the blue shine that's all this polish.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  Gorgeous color, solid wear time, and a way fun (slightly subversive) office-appropriate shade.

Where to buy:  at the Ruby White Tips etsy store



  1. You make it look beautiful!!!! Thank you for the kind words!! Use SPARKLING for 10% your next order, and for your readers too!!!


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