St. Patrick's Day take one: Orly It's Not Rocket Science

While contemplating last week which of a pile of surprise sale SpaRitual polishes I needed, I was reminded that I'd recently picked up a near-dupe for Optical Illusion that was languishing in the untried pile:  Orly's It's Not Rocket Science, from their LE Cosmic FX collection a few years ago.  It's discontinued, but easy to find on amazon or ebay for reasonable prices.  I tried this out over the weekend as my St. Pat's green.

The name alone would have been enough to tempt me (Science!!), but the totally unusual bronze-yellow-green is unlike anything else in my stash.  There's a subtle duochrome peeking out from the edge of the bottle pic above, and it does translate to the nail, about as subtly.

indirect winter sunlight
At long angles (or, oddly enough, reflected off the front of my fingers from the computer monitor's glow while typing) this poison green shifts to richer emerald with a hint of aqua peeking out.  It's not the flashiest duochrome, but it's definitely there.

late afternoon sunlight filtered through the window
It's there enough, in fact, that it was almost easier to get pics of INRS looking emerald (above) than it was to get it looking yellow-green (below), which it most certainly was the vast majority of the time.

through that same window, just facing toward it.
INRS is a whole bunch of slightly color-shifty microglitters (or else, really coarse shimmer pigments or microflakies - it was not at all hard to remove the way a glitter would be) in an odd colored muddy brown jelly base.  It's either an "earth mother" or "evil villainess" green, depending on your mood at the time.

indoor lighting
The macro shot shows how sheer it was - even at 3 coats, I got imperfect coverage.  This didn't show up at all in real life, though, and even by the 2nd coat, the shimmer easily sparkled over any less than opaque patches.  Those sparkles are pretty awesome.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  Wear time is average, and the formula is easy to work with.  It's an interesting color that's totally unique to my stash, but I don't know how often I'll feel like being Poison Ivy.

Where to buy:  go hunting on amazon or ebay, it's easy to find for less than $10.



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