Orly Angel Rain

Orly's Angel Rain looked awfully interesting when I found it on sale at Ulta a few months ago, but Suzy assured me she had a bottle of it I was welcome to (since she usually dislikes things that go teal on her), so today's post comes to you courtesy of her being awesome.

Angel Rain is a very sheer light blue to aqua duochrome with plenty of very fine fuchsia/pink shimmer (feel free to debate whether the shimmer is instead part of the duochrome effect, I vote it's a separate thing, but YMMV).  Shown here is 2 to 2.5 thin coats, but I don't think opacity would have happened any time soon with even a few more layers.  The color is very pearly and ethereal - it might be great for a fairy or mermaid costume.

My camera had a real pain trying to capture what it looked like accurately.  Of the dozens of photos I took, these ones are color- and density-accurate, but few of them manage to show much of that fuchsia flash, which is there to some level the vast majority of the time.  That purpley heart through the center of the bottle shot and the middle of each nail in the pic above was more prominent IRL.

awesome bathroom shot
In the bottle, I originally called this color a "pearl" finish with some pink flash - it never occurred to me that it was a duochrome until I was wearing it.  The appearance changes plenty with different lighting in different rooms, hence the super flattering shot along the shower tile to highlight when AR is in its "blue" mood.

The surprisingly rich bright aqua flash was my favorite part of this color.

indoor lighting + flash
The flash pic highlights everything I disliked about this polish.  Though the formula is sheer and thin, it's not particularly even, and in certain lighting, it looked patchy.  I like the softly sheer appearance of things like this, where a little VNL is playfully sexy, but the nekkid bits not so much.  Though I didn't glop on thick or excess coats to try and darken it up, AR took forever to dry.  There's a big dent in the thumb you can't see here, plus a ding in my index finger that turned into a chip by the next day, both of which happened many hours post-painting.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.  Pretty though the colors may be, the pearly, brush stroke-y finish seems very dated to me (helloooo 1987!  I totally had a koosh ball in this color combo!).  That plus the tricky formula = way less than ideal.  A few swatches show this over black to bring out the aqua and fuchsia, but you lose the angelic sky blue that way, and there are many other stronger teal-to-pink duochromes out there.

Where to buy:  Orly polishes are available at most beauty supply places, including Ulta and Sally's.



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