Darling Diva Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Last year's Queen collection (with all the polishes named for songs by the band) from Darling Diva was pretty fantastic, and I ended up snapping up most of them.  I've so far loved every one that I've tried, but it just so happens this is the first I've blogged of them.

indoor, indirect sunlight
All of the Queen polishes are duochromes that are also linear holos, so in the shade (above) you have a color shift, while in the sun/flash (below) you have a rainbow.

indoor, flash
Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a steely blue that shifts to silver and purple, and almost to copper.  It's generally pastel, but I'm sure that a darker version of these colors would happen when layered over black if that's your thing.  Shown here are 2 fully opaque coats on its own, undies are most definitely not needed.

indoor, flash
Most typically, I saw this saturated faded-denim shade of blue, with the really pretty flash of the same in the middle of the holo arc.

indoor, flash
At angles, it got to lavender and not-quite-royal purple...

outdoor, direct sunlight
And then up to a reddish plummy purple.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The holo isn't at all shy, and neither is the lovely color shift.

outdoor, late afternoon overcast sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Decent wear time, the sort of color shifts that have you checking your nails in different lighting, and a smooth formula - what's not to love?  Bonus points for the lemming hunters that were never able to deal with Enchanted's squirrely restocks: this collection is all dupes for the EP MGMT collection, which is full holo versions of the more softly holo EP Beatles collection.  As in, DD Bohemian Rhapsody = EP The Youth = (almost) Hey Jude.

Where to buy:  there are a few of most of these still left on the Darling Diva web store.  Go snap 'em up.



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